Product updates

Enhanced Team report

Update May 13, 2024

Today we announce a few enhancements to the Team report in Elorus, designed to improve the readability and usefulness of the report.

Streamlined Data Visualization
To enhance clarity, we have optimized our charts by displaying only the top 10 results in each category. All other data are now grouped under a new “Others” category. This change addresses the issue of overcrowded information that previously made the data difficult to interpret and utilize effectively. Now, you’ll see the top 10 tasks, clients or projects and the time spent on them clearly displayed, along with a collective indicator for the remaining tasks, providing a more manageable overview.

Improved Layout
We’ve also restructured the layout of the Team report. The main blocks that previously appeared at the top of the page and showed the distribution of time across clients, projects, and tasks have been moved below the main graph. This adjustment allows for more vertical development of the list and facilitates easier reading without the need to scroll excessively within the chart as before.

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