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Dec. 15, 2019

Get paid faster with Elorus & Stripe

Stripe is processing payments in 135+ currencies for businesses all around the world (see the supported countries). Starting today you can use Stripe within Elorus to accept credit card payments and get paid faster for your work. 


With our all new Stripe integration you will be aligned with the latest EU regulations for online payments (SCA ready). When enabled, your clients can pay online your invoices created in Elorus, using their credit card details. Funds are settled by Stripe directly into your Stripe account. Then, you'll instantly get notifications as your payments are received.

You can set up this integration by going to the Settings > Payment gateways page inside Elorus and follow the instructions to add Stripe as a payment provider. Do you not have a Stripe account yet? No need to worry! You can easily create a new one and connect it to Elorus in one step.

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