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[Greek version] Cancel any myDATA submission

New feature June 14, 2022

Whenever an invoice is being submitted to myDATA, a unique submission ID (MARK) is being assigned to the invoice. According to the myDATA specifications, each subsequent submission will implicitly cancel all previous submissions, so that only the latest MARK is considered to be active.

However, in some occasions, the myDATA platform has reportedly failed to adhere to the above rule, resulting in duplicate invoice submissions. From now on, Elorus will let you cancel any invoice submission, even if it’s not the latest, in an effort to solve problems arising from the aforementioned behavior.

Last but not least, the cancel MARK (a unique ID that refers to the submission cancellation) is now being conveniently displayed on the invoice page, for your own reference. This applies to void invoices that were previously submitted to myDATA, as well as issued invoices whose latest submission has been explicitly canceled.

To cancel a submission, navigate to the “myDATA submission history” of the invoice in question, select the appropriate MARK and then click “Cancel submission” from the “Actions” menu to the right.

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