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[Greek version] Effortless myDATA Invoicing with direct classification assignment

Update October 11, 2023

We are pleased to introduce an update focused on simplifying your myDATA invoicing process, specifically designed for our users based in Greece. The newly introduced feature allows you to directly assign multiple income classifications to a single invoice line during the invoice creation process. This eliminates the need to engage in additional steps post-invoice creation to prepare them for submission to myDATA, as was previously the case.

The key benefits of the new approach to assigning income classifications include the following:

  • Direct assignment: Apply multiple income classifications while creating your invoice.
  • Efficient edits: Should you need to revise an invoice, the classifications remain intact, reducing the need for additional adjustments during re-submission to myDATA.
  • Simplified compliance: Maintain adherence to the specific myDATA guidelines with less manual intervention and a reduced risk of oversight.

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