Product updates

[Greek version] Submit invoices to myDATA upon issue

Update March 16, 2021

The integration with myDATA, the greek online bookkeeping platform, has been updated. Most notably, all invoices & credit notes will be automatically submitted to myDATA upon issue. That is, of course, only if the myDATA integration has been enabled. To control how you want Elorus to behave in case of a submission failure, there’s a new “Submission policy” setting.

Given a submission error, the “Strict policy” won’t let you issue the invoice at all. When updating an existing invoice, it will be saved as a draft, and any possible changes will not be applied. If the error occurs while creating a new invoice, the invoice will not be saved.

The “Loose policy” on the other hand, will always proceed with issuing the invoice. If the myDATA submission fails, Elorus will only show a warning; however, you must manually retry submitting to myDATA at your convenience.

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