Product updates

New Developer API version 1.1

Release October 23, 2020

We’re excited to announce that the new version of our Developer API has finally arrived. The API version 1.1 introduces support for expenses & projects and catches up with the latest Elorus features. Expenses may be fully managed via the API, whereas projects may currently only be retrieved. Most interfaces have been simplified, and the required fields have been greatly reduced to make your life easier when working with invoices, bills etc. A lot of smaller features have also been added. Most notably, cash receipts & cash payments may now be associated with multiple invoices and bills. Last but not least, customers based in Greece will be happy to know that support for the myDATA platform has also been added.

Following the release of the new version, the API version 1.0 is now under deprecation and will be shutdown on June 30, 2021. Although deprecation will happen in 6 months' time, you are advised to upgrade your existing applications as soon as possible, to leverage all new features of version 1.1.

New Developer API version 1.1

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