Product updates

[Greek version] Added support for "11.3 - Simplified Invoice" and "3.2 Proof of Expenditure" document types

Update August 5, 2023

Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive invoicing solution to our users, and with that in mind, we have expanded our myDATA integration to include two new document types: “11.3 - Simplified Invoice” and “3.2 - Proof of Expenditure (denial of issuance by liable Issuer)”.

The “Simplified Invoice” can be used instead of a regular invoice for B2B transactions meeting specific criteria, like transactions under 100 euros where the buyer does not intend to resell the goods. The “Proof of Expenditure (denial of issuance by liable Issuer)” allows you to document and report instances where a supplier refused to issue an invoice for a commercial transaction.

With this update, Elorus enhances its comprehensive support for the diverse invoicing requirements of all Greek businesses. We’re committed to continual improvements that make your financial operations smoother and more efficient.

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