Product updates

New reports: Sales by client & purchases by supplier

New feature March 9, 2019

Historically, in order to monitor sales by client in Elorus you should run the invoices report, group results by client and watch for the calculated sub-totals. Although this process works as expected, it can get tedious and hard to follow at times, especially when the results span across multiple pages.

Sales by client & purchases by supplier reports

Starting today, there’s a better way to achieve this: The all-new sales by client & purchases by supplier reports. The sales by client report summarizes sales transactions (invoices & credit notes) and calculates total amounts per client. Purchases by supplier is a similar report that accounts for bills and supplier credits. Both reports come with a set of filtering options and will most certainly help you get the job done quickly!

The invoices detail report & credit note detail report have also been merged to a single sales detail report. Each row represents either an invoice or credit note, with credit notes having a negative effect on the results. The same goes for the old purchase invoices & purchase credit notes detail reports, which have been merged to a single report. Once again, we expect this change to speed up your workflow, since you can access accumulated results easier than ever.

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