Product updates

Advanced project access control

New feature May 17, 2020

Elorus comes with powerful access management features, enabling business owners to take full control over user permissions within the software. Today, we’re excited to introduce a new access layer on top of the existing schemes: per-project access permissions! You may control who sees which projects, decide whether teammates are able to manage a specific project, or even let them monitor time tracked by other users on a per-project basis.

Advanced project access control

To unlock the full potential of these features and create custom workflows, an experienced Elorus user may leverage our custom role editor. However, to facilitate common scenarios we’ve made this easy to anyone, by adding a couple of new pre-installed roles: Employees and Project managers.

Employees have a single responsibility, that of their own time management. After they have been assigned to projects by their manager, they can track their work. Employees may only access projects they are a member of and are not allowed to manage or monitor a project’s finances.

Project managers are like employees, in the sense that they may only access specific projects. However, their permissions may be uplifted on a per-project basis, to take over management duties for that project. Thus, they will have access to all the project-related data in order to effectively manage the team, workload, and project logistics.

Employees and project managers are not allowed to access financial information like invoices, business expenses & cash flow data.

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