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May 17, 2020

Different users, different project rates

Effective immediately, every time you add a user as a team member to a project, you can also adjust their hourly project rate. Only in the case that the project's billing method is set to "Assignee hourly rate". Our newly minted component makes a real difference when it comes down to flexibility. You could apply discounted rates for selected customer projects, or increase the hourly rates for projects with high internal costs. The flexibility of setting hourly rates per project also creates an unprecedented opportunity to have historical records of all the different rates. Thus, it offers valuable information on rate adjustments over time & per user.

Assignee hourly rates per project


Of course, the different user rates & amount of hours worked will be processed & automatically calculated as always. The result will be flawless invoices. The only thing you have to do is set the proper hourly rates for each of your employees per project & let Elorus handle the rest.

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