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Project summary report

New feature October 17, 2019

The project page has been updated to include a new summary report. You may break down the project hours per task or assignee and monitor the corresponding time and revenues.

The report offers a secondary dimension as well: Let’s say you have chosen to view the hours per assignee and then per task. Each row in the results will represent the total time that a single user has spent on the project. You can also click on a row to reveal the time that this specific user has spent on each task.

If you want to monitor the exact time entries that each row summarizes, you can always follow the link of the corresponding “total time” column. Using the previous example, click on the link and you will be transferred to the time entry detail reports, with the “project”, “assignee” and time period filters conveniently pre-filled, so you can view each time entry the assignee has recorded.

Needless to say that, as always, you may customize the reporting period as well as the report columns.

Project summary report

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