Product updates

Enhanced reminders with user-requested feature

Update June 6, 2023

The Reminders feature has always been a powerful tool within Elorus, enabling users to automate notifications for outstanding invoices, client due amounts that exceed a set threshold, pending payments to suppliers and more. These reminders, sent via email or through Slack, offer valuable assistance in managing and streamlining financial operations.

Exclude specific contacts from a Reminder

Our recent update allows users to exclude specific contacts from a reminder. This is a considerable upgrade that caters to the nuances of your business relationships and financial transactions. For instance, if you’ve set a reminder to trigger whenever a client owes more than 1000 USD, you can now customize this to exclude notifications for one or more specific clients.

The impetus for this update comes from you, our users. We listen and value your feedback, and it was your requests that brought this feature enhancement to life. Our goal is to create a product that truly serves your needs and makes your financial management as efficient and stress-free as possible.

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