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Sales dashboard

Update March 17, 2024

Today we unveil our redesigned Sales Dashboard, a comprehensive upgrade from the previous sales summary report. This revamped feature, reimagined from the ground up, provides you with deeper insights and a more dynamic overview of your sales performance within a specified period.

  • Detailed sales breakdown: Navigate through a yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily breakdown of your sales, enhanced with a secondary dimension for deeper analysis by client or custom tracking categories.
  • Performance comparison: Compare current sales performance against previous periods, providing you with immediate insights into your business growth and trends.
  • Top performers: Instantly access key metrics for your top clients, projects, and categories, making it easier to identify and focus on your most profitable areas.

Sales dashboard in Elorus

While building on the foundation of the existing sales summary report, the enhanced Sales dashboard brings forward a more intuitive and comprehensive tool to track your sales trends, compare performance across periods, and dissect sales data with ease.

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