Product updates

Our latest round of small improvements

Update April 19, 2023

Today we introduce a set of improvements that may seem small on their own, but taken together they represent a step forward in streamlining invoicing and financial management for our users.

First up, we’ve added the ability to search for invoices, credit notes, estimates, and other financial documents based on the Tax ID of the client.

In addition, we’ve made some improvements to our recurring invoices and expenses functionality. Now, users can filter their recurring invoices and expenses by status - whether they’re active, paused, or expired. This makes it easier to keep track of all your ongoing financial commitments and ensure that you’re never caught off-guard by unexpected expenses.

Another new feature is the ability to save line title and description placeholders whenever a project is invoiced. This means that Elorus will now remember your preferred formatting for each individual project, making invoicing faster and more streamlined than ever before.

Finally, we’ve made some improvements to the “Reminders” section of the app, adding a new variable that can be used in both the email subject and message to show the invoice’s payable amount.

All in all, we hope the above updates will help you in your quest for faster, easier, and more streamlined financial management.

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