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New dashboard to monitor your team's performance

New feature December 15, 2020

Team dashboard is a new way to monitor your team’s time & costs, all in one place. With a single glance, you will be able to answer all the following questions: How are my employees doing? How much do my projects cost? Which clients are using too many resources? Which task is under-performing? Visualizing these insights will help you get a better understanding of your team’s time and make the correct decisions to improve your business performance.

New dashboard to monitor your team’s performance

Since we all know devil is in the details, you can also breakdown your data per employee, client, project or task and create a two-dimensional analysis of your team’s time. For example, you can group data by employee and then by project (as depicted in the image below), to track which project takes up most of someone’s time, or even ensure employees work on the right projects. You can always customize this report based on your own criteria and then export to an Excel spreadsheet, or a PDF file.

Detailed drill-down team report

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