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Oct. 17, 2019

Time tracking workflow updates

The time tracking functionality has been updated to provide a more consistent and easy to follow workflow.

The new workflow is built around the concepts of the project and the task. Therefore both fields are now required when creating new time entries. The live time tracker is the only exception to this rule: You may still start the timer immediately, without providing extra information. Any extra details related to the time entries, you can add them whenever it's convenient for you.

Furthermore, time entries are now rounded to the closest minute. Tracking time down to the level of seconds has proven to be a tedious process that adds little value when compared to the hundreds or thousands of hours a small team tracks on a weekly basis. On the other hand, you most probably don't want to present your clients with a timesheet that charges seconds; the same goes for when you invoice your time.

Finally, the exact time that a time entry is taking place is now out of your way. With that being said, you may still specify the time entry's exact start and end time if you want to. But since this information is not included in the reports (not at the present time at least), it is now less prominent on the Elorus user interface.


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