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Weekly timesheets

New feature October 17, 2019

Today we are excited to introduce the arrival of the much-requested timesheets in Elorus. This new feature will simplify the way you track working hours and make it super-easy for your teammates to record the time spent on each task.

You may think of timesheets as a two-dimensional array where time is the first dimension and tasks is the second. Given a calendar week, you can quickly log the time spent each day on a specific task. For your convenience, you may also specify the amount of time that is actually billable within the timesheet. Of course, other details like the project, and an optional description may also be provided.

As you might have guessed, behind the scenes, timesheets create and modify regular time entries. Therefore, time recorded via the timesheets can be monitored in project & time reports. It can also be invoiced and managed in the normal “time list” page. The new feature does not interfere with your team’s permissions scheme either: Team managers may review and edit the timesheets of other team members, while restricted users may only manage their own time.

Weekly timesheets

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