Categorize your business expenses

Organizing your company expenses into categories will help you identify spending patterns and areas to focus on. Use our default expense categories or create new ones to keep everything in order.

Archiving expense and purchase receipts

Attach receipts, invoices, and any other relevant documents to your expenses. Your entire file archive will be available to your accountant or partners at any time, reducing communication and filing costs.

Managing project-related expenses

Associate each expense with its corresponding project to monitor profitability and price your projects effectively. You can even categorize your business expenses as billable and include them in your invoices.

Collect expenses without missing a receipt

Send your purchase invoices directly to Elorus via email or upload photos of expense receipts even through Slack. Now, all your documents are collected in one place, making it easy to log them as expenses whenever needed.

Automate your recurring expense recording

With the recurring expenses feature, you can avoid creating the same exact expense every month. Just set the vendor, amount, and frequency once, and let Elorus handle the rest.

Tracking financial obligations

Record your payments to suppliers, ensure better control of your financial obligations, and improve your business’s liquidity.

Self-billing functionality

Elorus enables you to generate various self-billing-related documents in order to issue invoices and send them to your suppliers.

Enhanced expense management features

…designed to streamline your everyday tasks

Payment reminders

Set up payment reminders to have Elorus automatically notify you whenever the payment deadline for an invoice draws close.

Insightful Reporting

View detailed expense and purchase reports organized by supplier, category, or project. Customize any report to suit your business needs.

Bulk exports

Download your business expenses and receipts in a ZIP file on your computer and share it with your accountant whenever needed.

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