Business Expense management

Keep track of your company’s expenses with ease

Bills & purcahse invoices

Manage bills & purchases

Record your expenses in Elorus, and you’ll know when is the right time to expand your business. Upload copies of your bills and never lose a purchase invoice again.

Automate recurring expenses

Anything you do in a recurring manner is automatically handled by Elorus, and expenses are no exception. All you have to do is schedule recurring purchase invoices, to avoid tedious typing and save valuable time.

Recurring expenses
Record bill payments

Record bill payments

With Elorus you always know the payment status of your bills. Record cash payments and know your outstanding balances towards any supplier.

Set expense reminders

Keep track of your purchase invoice due dates. Set up automated reminders to never miss a payment deadline.

Automated expense reminders
Record bill payments

Categorize and monitor your expenses

Create tracking categories to separate your expenses into meaningful groups, such as Marketing or Development. Monitor the way you allocate your budget. In fact, you can even categorize your revenues, income, payments or inventory.

Elorus provides a set of powerful features that just make your life easier.