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[Greek version] New Invoice status: Pending approval

New feature April 23, 2024

Elorus is pleased to announce an important update for our Greek users: the addition of a new invoice status, “Pending approval”. This update is designed to improve the submission process to myDATA and the IMPACT EINVOICING service, ensuring greater reliability and control. Here’s what this means for your invoicing operations:

  • Temporary Invoice status: Invoices submitted to myDATA or IMPACT EINVOICING will now enter a “Pending approval” status if the external service takes too long to respond, a situation often referred to as a “timeout”. This status indicates that the invoice is in a temporary state awaiting confirmation.
  • Locking of Invoice records: To maintain data integrity, invoices marked as “Pending approval” will be locked from further edits. This ensures that no changes can be made until the final status of the invoice is confirmed.
  • Automated resubmission: Elorus will automatically attempt to resubmit the invoice periodically until a definitive response is received from the external services. This process is handled seamlessly behind the scenes, reducing the need for manual intervention.

This update is part of our ongoing effort to streamline your financial operations and enhance the overall user experience. We understand the importance of reliable invoice processing and are committed to providing solutions that support your business needs.

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