Product updates

List page functionality and mentions to enhance note-taking

New feature June 20, 2023

Just a month after introducing the ability to create multiple private notes for various records, Elorus is taking note-taking and collaboration to new heights with the introduction of list page functionality and mentions. Let’s delve into the details of these new features.

Elorus private notes: list page functionality and mentions

Previously, Elorus users had the ability to create private notes for records such as projects, invoices, and contacts. However, accessing these notes required navigating to the respective record’s overview page, adding an extra step in the process. Elorus recognized the need for a more efficient approach and has now introduced list page functionality. With this enhancement, users can now access and manage private notes directly from the corresponding list pages, eliminating the need to click into each individual record. This streamlined access saves users valuable time and enhances productivity by providing quick and convenient access to important information.

We’ve also gone a step further to enhance collaboration within the platform by introducing the mentions feature. With mentions, users can now tag and notify team members directly within the notes. By simply typing the ‘@’ symbol followed by a team member’s name, Elorus will automatically generate a notification for that person. This powerful feature enables seamless communication and collaboration, eliminating the need for external channels and fostering a centralized workspace.

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