Being a photographer is amazing, but it can be very demanding.

Being a photographer is amazing, but it can be very demanding.

Photographers are required to be in the right place at the right time and to always deliver stunning results no matter what problems might arise. Given your time is valuable, you should really focus on your craft rather than on invoicing, billing and other time-consuming activities.

If you struggle with the following...

Payments arrive late

Are you a wedding photographer? Chances are you know how it feels to be compensated months after the event!


No matter how many cameras and gear you have… It’s never enough! Do you know how much you spend on gear?

Limited time

Photographers spend little time in the office, and when they do, they usually refine their masterpieces.

...Elorus is here to help!

Simple invoicing

Creating invoices for your services has never been easier. Be professional and customize the invoice appearance to match your brand identity. Expert skills, not required…

Online billing

Accept online payments from any sort of credit / debit card using your favourite payments provider. Set reminders to notify your clients when due dates arrive, and get paid faster.

Really simple & easy to use!

Carefully crafted down to the smallest detail, so that you can work fast and enjoy a beautiful environment.

Expense tracking

Be in total control of your expenses, and you’ll know when is the right time to expand your business. Upload copies of your bills and never lose a purchase invoice again!

Professional quotes

Sending quotes / estimates to potential clients has never been easier. Once your offer is accepted, you can create your invoice within a few clicks.

Seamless online payments using the most trusted payment gateways.

Get paid online for the invoices issued through Elorus platform.

See why people love us

  • "The company’s revenue increased when we started regularly tracking our work time using Elorus. We know exactly how much the services we offer cost, billing our customers correctly without the company losing revenue due to miscalculating costs."
    - Koutalidis Law Firm
  • "By using Elorus, we have fully automated the issuance of sales invoices and their payment by our subscribers, saving valuable time and money."
    - Novelcomm, Telecommunications Company
  • "Using the Elorus API, we managed to automate the invoicing process for our clients. Our internal system synchronizes seamlessly with Elorus, sending the documents we create to myDATA."
    - Agile Actors, IT Consulting Company

More features you'll love!

No matter what industry you’re in, we’ve got the features to meet your needs

Time tracking

Τrack the time you work for your clients and never lose a minute’s worth of work. Learn more

Project finances

Monitor revenues, view project costs and assess the hours spent on your projects. Learn more

Client portal

Let your clients log into your own client portal, to access invoices, quotes and projects. Learn more

Payment reminders

Track overdue invoices and send automated reminders to your clients. Learn more

Billable expenses

Easily record & bill expenses to your clients. Learn more

Team management

Live monitor who’s currently working on which task. Learn more

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