Challenge Solution
Client invoicing and transmission to myDATA, without the need for manual entry of information. Easy implementation through Elorus API and detailed documentation for developers.
Free technical support provided by Elorus.

260 Tech Professionals

One of the largest organizations in Greece specializing in the development of tech professionals.

Technology Practices

The company’s main services include Software and Data Engineering, User Experience, Agile Coaching.

Top-Tier Clients

In sectors such as banking, finance, marketing analytics, online gaming, telecommunications, and others.

About Agile Actors

Agile Actors is one of the largest organizations in Greece specializing in the development of tech professionals. They offer services in skills and teams augmentation in software and data engineering for both domestic and international clients.

Their areas of expertise include UX and UI design, business analysis, product and service design, software development, quality assurance, DevOps, Agile Coaching, and more.

Founded in 2012, Agile Actors comprises a team of over 250 tech professionals. Their client base spans the banking and technology sectors, insurance, telecommunications, and others.  

Why did they decide to use an electronic invoicing tool like Elorus?

When myDATA became mandatory for most businesses, Agile Actors needed a method to submit their invoices to the AADE platform, which is a platform of the Greek Ministry of Finance.

At Agile Actors, they use their own application to collect the necessary invoice data. Consequently, they required a tool for generating invoices based on this information.

For the sake of speed and efficiency, they sought an external electronic invoicing software that not only integrates with the myDATA platform but also offers the capability to create a bridge through an API.  

The solution using the Elorus platform

Easy implementation through API, detailed documentation for developers, and technical support from Elorus

Through the Elorus API, the Agile Actors team was able to easily implement the solution they needed for invoicing their clients. Elorus is one of the few electronic invoicing services that provides a public API with such detailed documentation, facilitating developers in implementation, while also offering free technical support for any company that needs additional guidance.

The solution ultimately implemented includes both the creation of invoices, customized to the specifications of myDATA, and the synchronization of invoicing information between the two systems. Specifically, in some cases, there was a need for manual creation or editing of invoices through the Elorus application.

With the implementation of the API, the company’s internal system is automatically updated for any modification made in Elorus.  

What did they achieve using Elorus?

By using the Elorus API, the Agile Actors team can now automatically create invoices based on the information collected in their own system and send them to myDATA. The company securely stores its invoice data in Elorus, which acts as an intermediary link between the company and myDATA platform, automating the invoicing process for the Agile Actors team.

By leveraging the Elorus API, we’ve successfully automated our customer billing process. Our internal system seamlessly syncs with Elorus, ensuring that the documents we create are efficiently transmitted to myDATA.

George Gravos
Senior Software Engineer - Agile Actors

How Elorus helps IT consulting agencies

Online invoicing, time tracking, project & expense management, all on one platform.

Easy time tracking for your team

Track the working time of your team, billable or not. Analyze the effectiveness and solve any problems.

Invoicing and seamless myDATA integration

Automate the invoicing of your customers, charging your work time, individual services, or products, and update myDATA.

Project monitoring and costing

Analyze & evaluate the progress of each project by tracking work time, hourly costs, and actual expenses.

Online payments

Receive payments with cards, through reliable payment providers, for the invoices you issue through Elorus.

Elorus API

Leverage Elorus API. Detailed documentation is provided for the implementation of any custom solution.

Client portal

Automate the exchange of documents, project monitoring, and payment of projects by your clients.

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