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If you are a mechanic with an auto-repair shop you spend a lot of time in your garage...

Fixing mechanical issues and offering maintenance services are only a few of an engineer's daily activities. Given your time is valuable, you should really focus on your profession rather than invoicing, billing and other time-consuming activities.

Some of the problems mechanics face

Poor Cash flow
Given the fact that you need to buy and install auto parts first and get paid by your clients vehicles, you have to be aware of your revenues/expenses balance at all times.

Limited time
Mechanics usually work on several vehicles at the same time. Each needs to be delivered on a certain date; delivering a vehicle ready on time, is part of your professionalism.

Late payments
Auto repairs are usually expensive and most of the clients can't afford to pay you upfront, so you need to be able to track due amounts easily and collect them fast.

All those problems sound familiar? Elorus is here to help!

Use customizable invoice tempates

Simple invoicing

Creating invoices for your services has never been easier. Be professional and customize the invoice appearance to match your brand identity. Expert skills, not required...

Advanced custom reporting

Create custom reports that provide valuable insights into your revenue, cash flow, and expenses to stay on top of your business.

Expense tracking

Be in total control of your expenses, and you’ll know when is the right time to expand your business. Upload copies of your bills and never lose a purchase invoice again!

Professional quotes

Sending quotes/estimates to potential clients has never been easier. Once your offer is accepted, you can convert it into an invoice with just one click!

Generate professional invoices

Really simple & easy to use!

Carefully crafted down to the smallest detail, so that you can work fast and enjoy a beautiful environment.

More features you'll love!

Payment reminders

As much as you enjoy your work, chasing your clients to pay you steals some of that joy away. Elorus helps you track due invoices and send automated reminders to clients with just a few clicks.

Collaboration is now a breeze

Give access to your accountant or partners so they can monitor and export your financial data directly, saving you both valuable time.

Cash flow management

You can easily monitor the payment status across your clients and have access to an overview of your receipts and payments. Get a clear picture of your cash flow operations and easily manage your finances.

Client management

Use the application’s specialized tools to organize your client and supplier lists. Register an unlimited number of contacts, access their transaction history and track outstanding amounts.

Βank note management

Record & manage incoming and outgoing cheques. The application will promptly notify you when expiration dates arrive so you can change their status or contact the issuers.

Email invoices & track delivery status

With Elorus you can send your invoices via email, even in bulk. Be automatically informed of the email delivery status and watch your full email history.

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